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(turbo mafia) Town Wins! ALL HAIL ORANGE


So if that’s wrong it’s moreso a great game from Solic than a poor one from eevee


Orange, don’t rush, nuuu


So I “must admit that I am scum and choose Orange”. is part of explaining my thought process. :smiley: It’s besides the point completely. Any town would just try to convince Orange.


/vote eevee

gg boiz


Hold on


Oh fuck you for losing us game


GG Orange, I was town. :wink:


lol gg m8


How could you think Solic is town.

Like none of theirs action made sense


Mafia Wins!

@NinjaPenguin @solic


I was town, stop trolling.


it was so obvious Eevee was town tbh





@orangeandblack5 and I thought we had enough of history with each other to be able to read each other easily, lol.


Well you see

I didn’t think it likely scum!Solic did that SoD stuff


No I can’t read you for shit lol


I didn;t think scum!Solic at the begining either.


I kind of bussed Ninja at the start.


Like Solic townderp was very townderpy, that’s why I was confused when you got revealed not them.


Didn’t factor in at all