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(turbo mafia) Town Wins! ALL HAIL ORANGE






I can do math


You said 7:12


Sorry my bad it’s 15


What does this mean?


Like literaly, from my PoV I would chose you cause I was friendly to you on day 1, that makes no sense.

But you chosing orange makes no sense either, I’m just curious why tf you picked them…
Cause I thought they are scum and you hopped they go after me?


Suggestively saying that I chose Orange is cute, but it’s also useless


That argument is invalid.

If you was revealed town, mafia would always have to be betwen me and orange so we would chose each other. ALWAYS.


A real town would just try to convince Orange and not “Let’s ponder why that scum choose this one to confirm as town as opposed to the other”


15 mins left!


A real town wouldn’t also try to quicklynch someone 3 minutes into a day.


I mean 12*


12 minutes you mean? :thinking:


Quicklynching where scummy hammers are super dumb in this setup lul.


A real town would also not self-vote to gain town cred.


Maybe it comes from experience cause Orange knows how many Town of Vengance I plaied on TG, but with one confirmed town, other players always need to do theirs best to explain clearly each point of action they took.


I must admit you got me with that “the hero you don’t deserve” line.


Alright so a re-read of the game has not shaken me from Town!Solic


It’s not a self credit.

Townie lynched is confirmed town instead and gets a vig shoot.
I even thought I was majoritied at the end and shot Ninja, lul.