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(turbo mafia) Town Wins! ALL HAIL ORANGE




I’m legit so happy if I beat out Ninja + Eevee in a turbo.


Look who is trigger happy.


Trigger happy when I know you’re scum. :smiley:


You voted first


You’ve lost Eevee. sorry not sorry.


Anyway, Solic, tell me one thing wich I don’t understand.

Why orange? You knew I was considering you town? Just… why?


Ohhh interesting angle you’re trying.


Yeah, he is confirmed scum from my PoV and vice versa.
Tho I’m not trying to hasten your vote and he is. That’s the point.


If you’d confirm me town, Orange would already choose you, because Orange was vocal in wanting me out.


Gimme a sec doing some chores lol


You didn’t have much time, but that was the wrong decision.


I would have gone for Orange potentially.


Nope, if you was revealed town, orange would have to vote me from setup point, not play point.


Dude this is turbo. :eyes:


Not my fault


Your argument doesn’t matter. Use logic.



how many minutes left?


Parents lol


A lot