Turbo Mafia: Cop 9 [Canned]

Also known as Arete Attempts To Run A Turbo For The First Time.

-Follow the normal forum rules
-Days will be 15 minutes, or end early if hammer is reached.
-Nights will be 5 minutes
-The Mafia will have a separate chat through the forums
-The game will begin as soon as 9 players sign up

-There will be 9 players: 6 Vanilla Townies, 2 Mafia Goons, and 1 Cop.
-Each night, the Cop can investigate someone to determine their alignment.
-The Cop will have a random N0 greenpeek on a Vanilla Townie.
-The Mafia have a factional kill.
-Lynching is plurality-based and no-lynching is disabled.
-The day will NOT end early if hammer is reached (except in LyLo).
-Votes are locked in LyLo.

Player list:

  1. MaximusPrime
  2. Priestess
  3. WazzaAzza
  4. katze

Vanilla Townie


Your only weapons are your voice and your vote.
Your win condition is to eliminate the Mafia.



You may speak and vote.
On Night 0, you are told that a random Vanilla Townie is a member of the Town.
Each night, you may investigate a player, determining their alignment.
Your win condition is to eliminate the Mafia.

Mafia Goon


You may speak and vote.
You can communicate with your partner privately at all times.
Each night, the Mafia may perform a factional kill.
Your win condition is to reach parity with the Town.


did I do it right

/in but i can’t play for a few hours

dont think it’ll fill that soon anyway

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if it starts and im still not here just put me as a backup or something

How many hours is a few hours?

Im the exact opposite, I can play for like the next 3 hours but gone after that

generally MU runs it as 18 minute days and 6 minute nights but that’s not really relevant.
I won’t in because i’m actually quite busy, which makes me sound like a hypocrite
i’m in this game in spirit

hes a stand, and Im gonna use Ici’s ultimate stand power Reads over Mechanics

(have time for the next 5-6 hours, after that I have to go sleep + go to work afterwards)

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I doubt this will fill by the time I have to go again, but I’m still going to try.


What time do you have to go?


Hey me two lol

What does that mean? You can’t switch votes?


Yep, so basically once we hit LyLo any vote you make can’t be taken back, e.g. if we’re in 5p LyLo with Ariel, Brian, Candice, Dennis, and Eli, and Eli votes for Dennis, they can’t then unvote if they change their mind.

tl;dr don’t vote townies in LyLo if you’re town

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Dennis is obviously not scum, come on Eli

Also I’m not going to autoresolve the game if a townie votes another townie until all the votes have actually been cast, this is to allow for weird FPS plays from the mafia

I’ll think about it

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