[Turbo] Grande Idea - Signups (2/8)

Grande Idea V2 thread
Follow dem rules

Welcome to Magnus’s Grande Idea Turbo!

Reply with a /In to join.

Day will last 10 minutes, or until someone is lynched.
Night will last 5 minutes, or until all actions are submitted.
There WILL be trials (a last chance for the Accused to defend themselves). During this time, only the Accused and the Accuser talk.

I think you all know how Grande Idea works. All classes will be taken from the link above.
I think you know how Turbo games work, too.

  1. Datbird
  2. JakeTheWolfie

I need to get the Global Forums rules link real quick.

You do know you can start a turbo whenever you want to magnus…you don’t need a moderator approval

I know.

Then why haven’t you started the game? Do you need to delay the game a little due to personal stuff IRL?

I haven’t started because no one signed up.

It says 0/0, which means the game has filled. No one would be able to even join. Why are you waiting then?


Is there an ETA on when tonight?

Game: requires 0 people*
Also game: no




What time it would start tonight

Happy now?

As soon as filled.
And morning; it’s not even 11am.

I have taken over this game.

D1 starts, with zero people alive majority is ERROR

ERROR has reached parity with ERROR. ERROR wins!

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no u.

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Its 6:30pm are u crazy

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Reminds me; next door neighbour got arrested a few days ago.


/in but if this doesnt start within like an hour imma go play some vidja james