Turbo Grand Idea - Wazza Edition (7/8)

Welcome to Wazza badly hosting a GI Turbo


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Days will be 5 minutes long.
Nights will be 5 minutes long.

You will receive 2 class cards from the SFoL GI Thread v2. You may choose 1 of them as your class.
The Groupscum will receive a converting* and killing ability. If there are 2+ starting Groupscum, I will split these abilities randomly between two members.

*Will not receive a converting ability as of now, as there are so few Blue Dragon. Maybe if we get more.


To accuse someone say /vote [player]
This game will have Majority and Plurality


For the Town, these will only have your Night actions (And results, if Investigative)
For Non-town, you may make reasonably-sized logs.

To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


(For 5 players, may change)
4 Town
1 Groupscum


  1. JakeTheWolfie
  2. Boss110
  3. Diggity69
  4. Marshal
  5. PoisonedSquid
  6. Katze
  7. Magnus
  8. Mercenary - dead af.




Déjà vu




hopefully this game i also gamesolve d1 and get converted n1 and then lynch a fuckton of masons

Let’s also ignore the fact that no town had their logs flip


If we get 5 players before 2020-01-03T01:00:00Z, I will start it at that time.

Who the heck writes logs in turbo? wtf.


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yes it’s not a choice.


Boom Bye Scum

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as in
no I’m not joining

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/in sure pal


fuck Magnus, we’re about to enter a heist, why the fuck do you want to play GI turbo?

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