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[Turbo] Grand Idea - The FBI, The vanilla god and the Haven't we Broken the Rules? win!






It’s in like now.


/pre co-host

Unless someone else wants to do it




The spiky doorknob game?



Gimme another Vanilla God.

I can chill with that class and still bring some chaos into a game.


Are you sure you don’t want to play?


Next I


This time I’ll be active since Chem is yeeted out of window, and I’m home







No it was necro’s revenge

I won’t lie my initial point is tenuous at best


there’s something wrong here

red alert


I’m fine to be honest, I like seeing this stuff go on


Alrighty then, @WazzaAzza Pre in me



Eevee’s co-hosting to get me modkilled as revenge


5/7 players already in. Thread has been created.


I openclaimed eventually, but town and unseen were in a delicate balance and I swapped sides twice to make it to the end.