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[Turbo] Grand Idea - The FBI, The vanilla god and the Haven't we Broken the Rules? win!


hmm. Okay for one game whenever I roll scum I won’t kill you that game


I could have KO punched 8 players


Not neut Showdown

Some other game, I wasn’t a part of it

All I know is that your NK was in the title of the game as well




can we have another one


@Firekitten thanks for falling into a bait btw.


Necromancer’s revenge? I don’t see how it’s related?


I guess I could host another one. It’s Friday tomorrow so… fuck sleep.


What did I do again


Update op


I’ll co host then, unless someone else wants to


I have a job interview tomorrow, so I’m going to bed. Cheers for the game. At least I made it until the end.


It probably isn’t

I just remember town sitting on their arses and effectively handing you the win even though you open claimed


best of luck mate


Talked about underaged people :^)


I’m chill with FBI winning

I think it’s a very fun class




Anyone want to pre-in for the next GI turbo?


I’ll prein