[TURBO] Grand Idea - Scumteam & The Vigilante won! (1/7)

Welcome to Jake badly hosting a GI Turbo



Days will be 5 minutes long.
Nights will be 5 minutes long.

You will receive 2 class cards from the SFoL GI Thread v2. You may choose 1 of them as your class.
The Groupscum will receive a converting* and killing ability. If there are 2+ starting Groupscum, I will split these abilities randomly between two members.

*Will not receive a converting ability as of now, as there are so few Blue Dragon. Maybe if we get more.


To accuse someone say /vote [player]
This game will have Majority and Plurality


For the Town, these will only have your Night actions (And results, if Investigative)
For Non-town, you may make reasonably-sized logs.

To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


(For 5 players, may change)
4 Blue Dragon
1 Cultseen

1 - WazzaAzza (Good King)
2 - PoisonedSquid (Mitochondrion of Sauron)
3 - PokemonKidRyan (The Vigilante)
4 - Boss110 (Mitochondrion of Sauron)
5 - Diggity69 (Kirara Bernstein)
6 - Marshal (The Bastard Guard)
7 - Katze (Neko Saber)

depending on what time this starts i may or may not be down to play this

Are you joining?


Wanna join?

4am here lol

Mithras will give you a scooby snack


First time in a long time that Marshal Isn’t the first to sign up


Wanna join a Grand Idea Turbo

It’s 10 pm, but if this starts quick, I’ll /in

if this starts in the next hour i prob can’t play

beyond that probably


probably would be best with 7 at the least




There must be more sacrifices


more I say

I would ping more people, but I don’t think there are that many people on this site

If more people join, I’ll consider letting you influence which class you’ll be.

How many more you need for this to start?

At least 2. 4 would be very nice

Change the title so people know we only need one more?

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@Diggity69 Wanna join?