[Turbo] Grand Idea Musical ♪ - Shurian (Htm) and Watermelon Ice King (JakeTheWolfie) wins!

  • days 15 mins, expect twilight to be 2 mins, nights 5 mins and expect aurora to take more 5 minutes as well
  • early day actions are usually processed during the day, late day actions are twilight material because of the host’s speed
  • setup will only start if more than 50% of the players of the players are from good/neut factions
  • there can be two kings or madness alike, but elections will only ocourr when there are no kings
  • there is a lot of info to compute so the first twilight post (after I announce “this is hammer”) is a strike and the second one is a modkill
  • lynch is majority and plurality
  • players can join at pre-game start but balance isn’t guaranteed
  1. WazzaAzza
  2. PoisonedSquid
  3. htm
  4. Datbird
  5. JakeTheWolfie
  6. Marshal
  7. geyde
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Before you ask, can’t play.

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Might have to out if it starts too late.

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Musical? Will there be a singing post restriction? :eyes:

When will this start?

no it is just to differentiate the title from being Grand Idea Turbo

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When the list fills

/in please ping me when this starts.


On a scale of 1-10, how mad would you be if I pinged you before it starts?

Asking for a friend.


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I wouldn’t really be that mad.


Rip me -

Died from anger due to ping.


when would this begin?

nm /in

In, but i can’t play if it starts between 4 and 7 EST

/Out, took too long to fill :cry:


Ping me when you’re close to full, down to join but can’t if it’s in the next few hours

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So @Mercenary if you start before 7 PM take me off the list, sorry.