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[Turbo] Grand Idea - Janitoring Bulletproof Serial Killer win!


@eevee I would like to queue up an 18-player non-turbo GI, actually. Just so we can have a GI that isn’t just a mad dash.


Would any GI be perfect without Dreaming God?


I think other sites managed to do more balanced GI tho.

Mostly cause we have hundreds of abilities.


One day I will make setup full of goos.

For no reason.


mafia goos and town goos?


Our GI is too dumb as a turbo imo, your one worked better.


Hence why I wanna make a non-turbo GI setup from here.


Yeah theyre good fun, but they get old p quick once the novelty of “haha broken game” ends. If you make a full length game of GI u gotta spend a while picking out specific classes and not rng it to make it a half decent player experience.



it’s because I don’t use a spreadsheet.


Seems legit


oh yeh also if you’re still reading this. A New Turbo is now accepting signups by me.


If you wish to pre-in, post it here. I’ll be remaking the ENTIRE OP in the meantime.