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[Turbo] Grand Idea - Janitoring Bulletproof Serial Killer win!




I mean you had to be but why did u rando claim 1-shot vigi


Like you were town there was no reason to lie then


that 2v2 stalemate though.




I don’t blame myself for this one tho


Like i said, Didnt wanna claim the Bulletproof


also it was kinda obvious wo was evil based on if they had maf cards or not

so squid was 100% evil

livi was most likely evil but that’s cause i forgot jailkeeper doesn’t stop visits

and then a town discard was prob evil


There is, I can get the attacker to attack me


Wdym most likely evil

I clearly flipped town


Your original role has nothing to do if you were bulletproof or not tho…


Although my other two choices were both maf

I ended up rolling my town choice


Yeah, the discard was really natural this game.

From 4 non-towns 2 discarded town and 2 discarded non-town.


This was supposed to be my original class lol


From town:

2 discarded town
3 discarded non-town.


But to balance the game, it was changed to green


I don’t think this game was terrible imba.

I think I shouldn’t have lynched Livi with 0 votes, but… WHATEVER.


i meant my d1 thoughts



I mean I survived for longer than 5 mins so I had fun so thanks


I should host more this different turbos.

I mean our GI is fun and all, but other sites also have good ideas.


I think the main enjoyment of our GI is that it’s legitimately our ideas, and it’s cool to see them crop up in games.