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[Turbo] Grand Idea - Janitoring Bulletproof Serial Killer win!


Cause I wanted the attacker to attack me


How did you like this great idea mafia idea?


tbh I was tempted to check squid N1 but I didn’t want to trigger her so I swapped to Hippo


It’s a lot better, Eevee


My other choice was Town Enabler




livi being auto lynched sucks


That was good meme tho.


And that ended the game right there


Pushing for 1-use bullet proof vest would have been best in that instance but yeah.

GG altho we did p bad lol.


doesn’t mean i can’t be salty


I will disallow kingmakers from trigerring hated in future.



If I had made it to final 5, we woulda bagged it I think


I enjoyed it, especially since I got to be such an awesome role out of that, Mafia Bomb Reporter, and Godfather Mafia Traitor


Wait hold on you can’t do that

once it happens
always happens

let others feel the burn


also gamer being 0 shot kingmaker aka cit sucked


He stole it from Firekitten.


lmao what the heck

  • Purple Goo: Whenever someone targets you with an action, you switch roles with that player.


Wasn’t I infinite shot tho :thinking:


so who was purple goo at the start?