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[Turbo] Grand Idea - Janitoring Bulletproof Serial Killer win!


I can maybe refill your abilities actually we might have a chance


A 0-shot kingsmaker immune to death, huh


Bruh if ur SK just vote Light lol


there was also 2 night kills night one

meaning probably nk


If you can then actaully ya


Gamer what was your original role?


You know roles are more complicated than that, Gamer
Mafia Death Immune Kingmaker


My role was changed lol


1-shot vigi orange goo


That’s not an answer to your original role.


So you’re just death immune then


2-2 in votes.




Squid, just vote lightsin lol. If you arent in a team with hin


No, I know Gamer is immune to death, he has to be Mafia


Gamer must have one-shot immunity, I can refill your kingmaker abil tonight.


Eh, we dont talk about that


Squid, trust me, I 100000% know lightsin is mafia. If I am wrong I will transfer you 100000 Vbucks


I had a redcheck on him D0 but didnt wanna out


they can still stab tonight

its Mislynch and Lose