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[Turbo] Grand Idea - Janitoring Bulletproof Serial Killer win!


/Vote squid


Lightsin randomly pinged squid like 3 times and did 0 other effort, then when I pushed lightsin, instead of squid siding with me, he sided with the guy randomly pinging him.


you said your role changed. what did it turn into?


0-shot kingsmaker


Dude, if you don’t vote Gamer, we’re absolutely fucked


Vote lightsin with me and I will believe you


This game is not in mechanical lock and hence will continue


And how u know im not maf with gamer friendo


/vote Lightsin


Actaully, you say that as there’s only 1 maf left which means even If maf kills, town would havw majority lol


Hm tbh I’m kinda confused now


So it’s squid and then an NK?


Squid - 1 - Gamer
Lighstin - 1 - Squid


I never said there’s 1 Mafia left, I said I had a redcheck on you


Light, if you are good/NK, vote squid


/vote lightsin




I’m p sure town can’t win unless there is literally 1 scum in this setup


Oh wait a cleaned guy died I guess

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