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[Turbo] Grand Idea - Janitoring Bulletproof Serial Killer win!


no I’m town don’t do that


Does that mean he makes it so 1 person decides who to lynch?


oh wut



Whyyyyy Squid


i rbed livi


Gamer there is 100% 1 scum in light and squid.


i roleblocked livi, they couldn’t have checked hippo


Also Fk, why you do dis



I checked Hippo and he’s clean

if you rb’d me I wouldn’t have gotten a result


Max is maf


vote livi

he is scum and lying


Gamer dont vote anyone yet


okay I’ll agree with that

no voting anyone yet


there was 2 kills though, and normally mafia get one

most likely NK out there


Lightsin who did you visit last night. Think carefully before answering.


@gamerpoke if you throw this by voting me then i’m going to be disappointed and not play games with you again tbh

livi is scum confirmed mechanically


One of these two has to be lynched, but take your time, Gamer. Think carefully


hippo can confirm me


Max state your role


not me holy fucking shit