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[Turbo] Grand Idea - Game ended


I was like
“Get me out,this is great chance” and you vote kitten…


I’ll watch


Permavoter isn’t that useful in a turbo like this I realize.


I was sure Soul was meant to die due to me using Barbaric Route and Corporate Testing on him


what was ur class even


:smiley: I just wanted to have my vote count the next day.



Neutral Social

If a person you voted was not lynched, your vote will stay on them till they die.
You can still vote another person during each day, even if you have 1 or more votes remaining on someone from previous days.


Geyde rolled: Town Ballot Analyzer and The Fool

Meteoro rolled: The Fool and The Mad King

Squid rolled: The Коммунистический революционер and The Deserter

Solic rolled: Permavoter, The Mistake and Put numbers on your classes

Firekitten rolled: The Scientist, The Enforcer and The Mindwarper

Bluestorm rolled: Class Freezer and Fucking Marl

GamerPoke/Margaret rolled: The Lost Assassin and Oddjob

Soul rolled: The Bastermind and The Mustardmind

Sam rolled: Blackmailer and The Drunk (normal, no post restrictions)


Also Curator is a terrible design and I feel bad


Win condition?




Why did they pick LA



get more original win conditions like

Survive to see half the living people with your vote on ten


That’s super impossible here.


Cause it’s cool


But Oddjob has meme status


It exists. Join if you wish.


I have to sleep, enjoy!