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[Turbo] Grand Idea - Game ended


I was the one that killed Sam, obviously


So Geyde was fool?


ggs folks

Glad I got to slide into all those dms




I knew it was a trap!


Neuts in


why was there only three town


You know

Considering I was the only actual townie in this in the end, I think I did alright


coughs in all any


I caught scum

Told y’all


You need to readd the 50% must be town rule.


I only voted scum this game


GI rules state that the game has to consist of 50%+ uninformed majority


How was Meteoro announced as evil king?







I voted scum,Royal pardoned scum and DF pardoned scum


I thought something like this was the case when Gamer flipped unseen


/Mod Error: Uh, soul wasn’t meant to die. Due to that meteor alignment has changed to evil.


I’m finna set up another GI if anyone wants to pre-in

This time with 3 options and you choose to dump one, then one is chosen for you at random, like how Eevee did it