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[Turbo] Grand Idea - Game ended


Get me out


Stop talking. That’s majority.


@Meteoro why didn’t you vote me


Meteoro has been executed! They were the:

2 The Mad King (Unofficial Class) :shield:

Neutral Special
Trickery (Passive) - Immune to being occupied at night.
Madman’s Will (Passive) - If you are executed, the regret of killing a madman will weigh on everyone. Your initial accuser will die at the end of the night tonight. You also choose an heir to succeed you as King. The player you choose will immediately become The King. Additionally, your vote counts as two.
Royal Pardon (Day) - Make a player unable to be voted today. - 2 uses
Decide Fate (Day) - You may choose the whether the player on trial will be executed or pardoned. - 1 use
Guard! (Night) - Choose a player. They will be immune to death tonight. - 3 uses
Hide (Night) - No-one will be able to visit you tonight. - 2 uses
Your objective is to be executed for treason.


Night 2 begins.


All night actions were sent in, one moment processing stuff.


Firekitten has died! They were the:

The Mastermind :shield: :shield:

Mafia Special
Can’t Touch This (Passive) - Immune to death at night, occupation and target changing. You will know if someone tries to occupy you or change your target.
Lurking Presence (Passive) - If you are killed within the first 3 nights your next in line will take your place as Mastermind, and you do not appear as Unseen to all investigations for those nights.
Dirty Work (Day) If there are no more Unseen members left, you can become The Assassin at the beginning of the night. - 1 use
Convert (Night) - Change target player into the Unseen version of their class. If you have failed to convert a target twice already and your next conversion would fail it will instead target a random convertible player. - Infinite uses, 1 night cooldown
Foresight (Night) - Determine a player’s converted class type, or if they cannot be converted. - 4 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Town and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

The Mafia, The Mad King, The Cowardly King and The Permavoter win the game!




Wait what

The Mafia won?


Geyde got crowned as Cowardly King instead of Mad King even though Geyde was Fool.


I didn’t try hard enough


Wait what


Why though?


Was I the only townie? For real?


Yeh, Squid got converted and Squid was final BD.


Is given fool and mad King





I got everyone killed by saying they were Mafia I was mind warper lol


One moment, getting everyone’s rolled classes.


Tyvm Meteoro