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[Turbo] Doki Doki Turbo - Canned



Best/Worst Forum Quotes

its my dad

Best/Worst Forum Quotes


that hit right in the feels


Yea obviously


If I vanish off the face of the earth, relax. That just means my evil twin brother has returned for his revenge and I am doomed.


I thought it was your brother :thinking:


yea its my brother



Best/Worst Forum Quotes

that can’t be my dad


/kill gamerpoke

Best/Worst Forum Quotes

If I receive my rolecard, relax. It means Wazza is not trolling us, pretending that they are working on this game just to see how many posts we spam in pregame thread.


/vote gamerpoke (when the game starts)


I think the host Is almost done.


Done with our bullshit spam you mean?


Yea pretty much


I will dayvig you before that


If waz dissapears, relax. It just means he has become Unseen King Waz and lost himself in the quest for power.


ow my foot hurts and I’m done.


Hi Done, I’m Lightsin


idk why I told you my foot hurts, anyway, everyone stop talking.