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[Turbo] Doki Doki Turbo - Canned


1 of the 1 main as well.

After all @PoisonedSquid is here.


I have a noob hammer. it turns you into a noob forever


plz no

laughs in Suicide Charge off cliff


Eevee aren’t you mod tho?


/in as 79 players if this starts in 1 hour


lol no


See my profile pic, I’ll strangle any mods you throw my way, I have elite hacks, stay away


Wazza just reuse a class from last game.


eevee and squid are fake mods im the real mod


im just undercover


throws @solic



I can’t, they’re already revealed.


hi do you want to join lol you are in it now no escape.


Change it slightly. Change the Faction.


only if this starts after i grt home


why did you ask if he wanted to join then


I like to pull nerds into vents, so who’s the fake mod?


When do you get home genius?


Trust me it’s so much fun


when they get home