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[Turbo] Doki Doki Turbo - Canned


I can out if you need


no no I need lots of players lol



/in even though wtf is even


Blue has joineddd hnghhh I don’t think I’ll be able to get everyone to confirm by 11pm (9 mins away)


Maxwell outed so…


Yeh ik.


Should I just host a different turbo than this one. This one is already fucked enough.


nah theres too much interest in this. You can’t exactly can it.


He can’t, but I can. :’)


Yes you can ;’)




Can i /out of this i thought this was gonna happen the day i inned since it was a turbo. Now im extremely busy with irl stuff


Yeh it’s all good.

Too many players outed and not enough players I can actually get. This game is officially canned now anyway. I’ll host a new turbo soon maybe.




that moment a moderator shuts down your game >:(


cough, the flood doesn’t count.


I hosted a turbo like on Saturday.


GL boi


Where is it?
Im waiting.


I hosted it on SATURDAY the 30th of March. ._.

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