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[Turbo] Doki Doki Turbo - Canned


Play Dbd with me


Dude I’m already bleeding. No Mithr, remember.


i play on console and i uninstalled it :frowning:




laughs in Blood Warden


my ps4 broke so i got a new one and never installed it again

mega oof


Killer brings in a sneaky noed…
All survivors are with No Mithr and are apart of a sabo squad.


THAT moment in which you have to slug a No Mithr


Well well well


You know what would be a fun turbo a smash based one.




Looking for a replacement for Maxwell btw.


Also this will start in 1 hour and 33 mins.


I will be a cohost, but I’ve already got my class.
It’s weak anyway though.


Reee, I can’t have two people replacing out.


@Mercenary I basically forced you to re-roll (sorry) do you want to join this game? Starts in an hour and a half.


I got this


Could I Be cohost?


I refuse to allow co-hosts. Unless I can get 2 players instead of just one.