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[Turbo] Doki Doki Turbo - Canned


Welcome to the Doki Doki Literature Club! Trust me, you’ll enjoy your stay… maybe.

  • Game starts at 2019-02-23T23:00:00Z
  • Days are 15 minutes. Twilight is 2 minutes. Nights are 5 minutes, unless I’m a failure and extend it.
  • Early day actions will be processed during the day, late day actions will be processed during Twilight, due to me being a failure once more.
  • There can only be one King at a time.
  • I’m on PC, so don’t have mercy, feel free to make me want to die.
  • The amount of players are infinite but there must be at least 7 players.

This game is smalltown and all classes wont be public.


  1. Magnus - Co-Host (Can Make it)
  2. BlueStorm
  3. Lightsin (Can Make It)
  4. Isaac
  5. Squid (Can Possibly Make It)
  6. GamerPoke
  7. DatBird
  8. DirectorHall
  9. Eevee (Can Possibly Make It)


Debate Club (The Good Guys)

Literature Club (The Bad Guys)

Programs (Neutrals)


The Player
Future other characters, suggest some!

Make sure you hang out while we wait for this to fill and while you are at it make sure you cut your way into the competitive scene, well eye guess I’ll see you later.



Actually, should I change the time to start at 2019-02-19T23:30:00Z

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters






Btw, I know you said you can’t join but, suggest some.


I’m drinking a lot of milk


Second is the best


Hi Drinking a lot of Milk, I’m Lightsin


Squid inned via Discord.




I cannot do 11:00 P.M. UTC. I’m in therapy from then until midnight. Although I can do before or after this hour.


This is AM


Also /in


What is AM?


A.M. as in 12am.


That’s just 1 hour later than 11 pm tho


That was an example


Also i meant later


Do It at 11am?


No, that’s too early depending on the timezone you mean