[Turbo] - Courtroom Lies I - Yellow Poppy win!

Welcome to [Turbo] - Courtroom Lies I

Hosted by @KyoDaz

This setup follows simple forum rules.
The setup will start 2019-10-11T01:00:00Z and once seven players have signed up.
The setup will start on day one. There is a day one lynch.


Days will be 15 minutes long.
Nights will be 7 minutes long.
All actions must be done in your rolecard.
The town alignment is the Yellow Poppy.
The mafia alignment is the White Primrose.
The White Primrose automatically win once majority is reached.
The White Primrose can only communicate during the night.
The White Primrose have a compulsive faction kill.
The White Primrose are unaware of their partner’s identity until night one.


To accuse someone say “/accuse [player]” or “/vote [player]
Executions will be plurality. Players are not lynched until the end of the day unless all votes are received. Lynches are mandatory. A no-lynch will instead in a random member of the Yellow Poppy lynched.
Ties in the votes are considered no-lynch.

Please ask if you are unsure of any lynch scenarios.

To Join

To join, please ‘/in



Role Cards

Yellow Poppy Faction


You have no special abilities except your vote and voice.
Defeat all members of the White Primrose.


During the twilight phase you may decide to change the lynch. You can only use this ability once.
Defeat all members of the White Primrose.


During the day you may send an infinite amount of anonymous messages through the host.
Defeat all members of the White Primrose.

Primrose Faction


You have no special abilities except your vote and voice.
Defeat all members of the Yellow Poppy.


  1. Luxy - Died D3 - Apprentice
  2. Magnus - Died N1 - Villager
  3. Maxwell - Alive - Villager
  4. Marshal - Died D1 - Apprentice
  5. James - Died N2 - Orator
  6. Shurian - Alive - Judge
  7. Datbird - Died D2 - Villager


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You haven’t even read the thread. What if you don’t like it?

Actually you’re starting this at 3am for me I thought this was starting now

Ah. I’ll adjust the time if required. I don’t really mind.

This can start now if enough people sign up.

I can’t do 4:00 tomorrow. Shame.
Can do earlier though.
I’ll /in for now,

Jeez. What timezone are you two in?

Australia can you see the flag?


Oh mfw. I’m a muppet.

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Oof I misread it. It’s 4:00am

hey there Mod. I’m God

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What time does it display now? It’s 3am I can’t do math.

It’s midday for me now

Would you two be willing to play then?


Right now, 1 on 1? Sure.

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Make me Judge.

I- I don’t think that’s how a turbo that’s designed this way works I’m afraid.
I’m not one for host discretion at all. The roles will all be randomised.
I’m all for no host discretion I literally screenshot all randomisation I do. And before people sign up.

Have a spreadsheet from a canned game.

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I can do anytime over the next 10 hours