Town vs Bandits - Re-Rolling

Geyde mostly created it.

I think I might have to add my own input in it.

what if we just made it so people only flip as village or wolf

NOTHING about power role flips

Yeah, people here mass-claim for no damn reason at all. Like, only Blue had to claim d1 but for some reason Geyde was also FPSing then.

That’s allegedly stolen from Orange, but don’t tell anyone that. :eyes:

Also, @Icibalus thought about my play in this MU match?

I’ve been doing quite well on that site since I began playing there.

I consistently get really good entrances and then get completely destroyed there.

I plan to play more in the future but I have exams to do first.

Speaking of which, more GERMAN REVISION!

Only time I’ve gotten mislynched/misvigged in a game there was when I was FPSing and the real vig CC’d me with a shot. So I’d say that I got used to that site quite quickly.

I want to see Solic play on MU

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Still that match I made 5 votes and four of them were each on a different wolf, so I had that going for me.

It would be funny

I’m planning to sweep onto MU in full some time after my exams (probably lured there by a mash of some kind, since on my holidays is the only time I can play 12/12 games)

Btw when you have time for them 12/12 is actually a brilliant phase length.

That will very likely not happen anymore though. I prefer devoting my limited time to you guys here. :wink:

Do I hear chickens


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Why is there no Reaper emote? Blasphemy! I guess this will do,

:chicken: :chicken: :chicken:


Lock this thread.

People can talk in the new thread if they want.