Town vs Bandits - Possibly Returning! - Woo!

Host is yours truly, I don’t need a co-host. I would also like to thank Geyde for this beautiful OP.


Dagnabbit! Them there bandits have invaded our prestine Town!

But we don’t know who they are, so we need your help in order to find and enact justice upon em. Unfortunately, we entered WIFOM hell and have to out-predict them because our officers are trainees and are terrible at their job.


Open setup
48/24 phases, night can be skipped if all players say that they wish to do so in their role pms

Plurality day 1, majority + plurality d2 onward. Votes locked in LyLo.

Mafia will speak in a private thread, but can make any alternate chat they want so long as the mod is included.

The factional kill may be done alongside other actions.

All VCs for the previous day will be added to the OP over the night.

Players will flip as either Town, or Bandit.


Absolutely no speaking about the game outside of the game to other players. Doing so will result in force replacing.
Don’t angleshoot mod messages. It’s okay if you thought Billy was scum because I said [x], but don’t use it as an argument in thread.

Any behavioral complaints and rulebreaks should go in the role pm, as the mod will not answer disputes in thread.

When in doubt blame Nerbins


(Note: This section is mostly a gimmick.)
If the votes are a draw and the plurality lynch is in order, the first player to recieve that amount of votes will be swiftly executed.
Players will be executed in the most brutal way I decide! So if it takes ages for me to execute someone, they’re being executed brutally.


To vote a player, please do /vote (players name) @WazzaAzza so I can see it.


Town Fruit Vendor (Automatic Backup for Town JK/Tracker)
Town Tracker
Town Jailkeeper
Vanilla Town x7

Bandit Tracker
Bandit Inheriting Ninja
Bandit Inheriting Strongwilled


Vanilla Town

You have no abilities. Your uselessness knows no bounds, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to exact your right as a citizen to murder people in the name of justice.

Defeat the Mafia.

Town Fruit Vendor

You must visit a player each night. This visit will do nothing.
Whenever the Town Tracker or Town Jailkeeper dies you will automatically change your role to theirs.

You are the only competent one. You know this. You hate it.

Defeat the Mafia.

Town Tracker

Each night you may choose to track a player. You will know who they visit.
Your results will be either ‘Your target visited [player]’, ‘Your target didn’t visit anyone’, or ‘No result’

Arrested for committing tax fraud. Has only been let out because he has a very specific set of skills.

Defeat the Mafia.

Town Jailkeeper

Each night you may choose to jail a player. They will be roleblocked and be protected from nightkills.
You may not target the same player consecutively.

Extremely dillusional, thinking that the bandits are werewolves for some reason. Calls fellow citizens villagers to go along with this.

Defeat the Mafia.

Bandit Tracker

Each night you may choose to track a player. You will know who they visit.
Your results will be either ‘Your target visited [player]’, ‘Your target didn’t visit anyone’, or ‘No result’

Is a Jehovah’s Witness. You can make the joke, I’m not going to stop you. It’s not even funny :^).

Reach parity with the Town.

Bandit Inheriting Ninja

Your visits are hidden when performing the factional kill.
If the Strongwilled dies, you will become immune to roleblocks for the rest of the game.

Cannot stop screaming about how it isn’t just a phase.

Reach parity with the Town.

Bandit Inheriting Strongwilled

You are immune to roleblocks when performing the factional kill.
If the Ninja dies, your visits will be hidden for the rest of the game.

No dignity.

Reach parity with the Town.


  1. DatBird
  2. Geyde
  3. Cupcake
  4. Magnus
  5. MathBlade
  6. Alice
  7. Possessed
  8. Htm
  9. Bazingaboy
  10. BlueStorm



  1. Isaac
  2. Astand
  3. Firekitten
  4. Lightsin

Vote Counts:

Important Events:

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If you were in the previous game, please confirm you want to play.



/confirm my join


SOrry, no can do with the start date now. It’s too close to my exams for comfort.


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unless of course you rand me Macho Innochild so I can reveal Day 1 and pretend I was SPK’d for my epic reads

…Aww, I really wanted to play a match with you.

/confirm Im gonna play better this game I hope

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This is a TMI. Alice has rigged the rand so that I always rand wolf with her along with Geyde and has been judging our wolfing skills all along for this moment.

this epic read has been brought to you by Terrible Ici Microreads™

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What does SPK mean, by the way?

I need to ping peeps… but idk who to ping

Strong Player Kill. Basically killing someone like me or Math n1.

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Also I stg this site likes giving me and Geyde relatable roles. First NDFM where we were intoner/disciple, then FoL20 where we were starting scum, now the pre-reroll of this where we were both PRs.

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So can I get a little help on something why was I scumread last game as much as I was, other than the Baz thing. I don’t want to seem scummy but it seemed like I oozed it last round, like I want to improve and be more towny

I expressly didn’t make a chat between myself and Geyde for Showdown 2 based off of this.

Geyde wasn’t a PR

Yes he was.

I was literally a spectator he wasn’t

PRs were myself, Geyde, and Alice.