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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


neither of those were me intentionally disrespecting you.
not me talking down to you. thats just how i talk


so far you went from

>not 4 lover pairs
>ur too aggressive
>how am i disrespectful
>ok yeah but it's still your fault for insulting me

bitch if ur gonna be an asshole then i’ll be one back and you’ve switched your argument so many times that you don’t hold any weight any more so please, just get the fuck out


That’s not how mafia works


“i’m just naturally a bitch”
-simon and white girls who believe in zodiacs


sorry if i sounded rude to you or used foul language, that’s just naturally how i talk, you fucking idiot


Yeah…don’t add that. It’s unnecessary


it’s needed to drive the point across against simon

ok probably not but still, he makes me mad


“uh no most are lovers with only a few that arent iirc”
is meant as a helpful correction, with the iirc in there to show that im not sure, its just what i think.
same with the others


It extends into a dick punch.

We don’t punch people in the dick here.

ok ok I probably sound like a dumbass but that was worth to say

Best/Worst Forum Quotes

fun fact.
it is physically impossible for max to get it through



Huh. Was that necessary?


“uh no, you’re clearly wrong”

the “uh no” part CLEARLY isn’t meant as a helpful correction, it’s meant to be as condescending as possible because you felt like you were talking to an idiot

i’m not retarded why are you trying to blatantly lie to me


except it isnt.
it may have been worded weirdly but thats not how i intended it


Simon simon simon.

Realize you are talking to the progenitor of salt. The Alpha and Omega.


also i didnt end it “youre clearly wrong” which implies certainty i didnt have


oh nice, so you resorted back to this now huh

so i’m the one in the wrong here and i totally don’t have any evidence

just cause i’m stubbonr doesn’t mean i have a thick skull

and you’re really just insulting me instead of trying to drive any valid point across


i mean i said id copy/paste it whenever your aggressive with no substance


imply imply imply… i wonder if you know what the word means

i recommend you google it before using it

i’ve said this like 3 times now, the “uh no” is CONDESCENDING AND IMPLIES- oh wait do you even know what that means? here, i’ll tell you. it means that you’re talking down on someone, just like i am to you right now


“uuuhhh… no i think its this thing instead if i recall”
the peak of condescending



you’re actually retarded

yeah i said it

but you are

i can’t take you seriously anymore, i thought you’d at least have a trace of dignity but apparently you don’t

just curious, but are you a flat earther by any means? or an anti-vaxxer? or are you a conspiracy theorist