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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


i’ll say my mind rather than using thinly veiled insults, thanks

not to mention that simon’s literally just arguing about how i’m too aggressive for him since he’s already been proven wrong for the lover pairs

also an insult is an insult why would i spend the effort to disguise it when i can just show him the facts. it doesn’t matter if it’s been disguised or not


moral of the story: you fuck with me or things i care about, i fuck with you (don’t take this in a dirty way ok)


fun fact.
it is physically impossible for max to get it through


i still dont know how i fucking disprespected you originally.
afterwords yeah i can see it, but i still have no motherfucking idea where you even got the whiff that anything i said was aimed at you at a person.
and if you keep responding im going to keep spamming this with more aggressivity, punishments be damned. because i absolutely refuse to let you get the last word at this point. because you dont fucking deserve it.


i tried.
i tried to explain this logically



crab rave


and because of you exclusively i couldnt


brb doorbell rang

edit: just the hoa


thats not what ive been referring to in a long time.
stop motherfucking going back to it


Chill lads

Now that people are actually salty I’m going to have to cut this down.


then tell what you are referring to

shake my fucking head

you keep switching your argument like a woman switches clothes


It’s because you made a statement then added the clause of ‘I might be wrong’
That’s what I got at least. It’s a bit insulting to the people who actually know.


you implied that i was an idiot and when i proved you wrong you didn’t admit that i was right and still tried to be an asshole by implying that i was stupid still


i might be wrong but simon is a fucking idiot


im not arguing about the pairs of lovers.
i never have since you originally posted that screenshot.



literally in all of your posts

you basically talked down on me, do you not fucking see that

i s2g


also ur still talking down on me lmao



“uh no”

condescending tone and yet says “iirc” afterwards

he isn’t even 100% sure yet he has the gall to talk down to me as if i’m already wrong

next post isn’t insulting but posts after… yeah



afterwords yes i can see how ive been disrespectful yes, but i am referring to this first inccident that caused you to go after me like this rather than correcting me and being done with it