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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


finally you post, this took you close to 20 fucking minutes

conmen and liars exist, don’t act like you’re some super pro therapist that can detect even the tinest of microexperessions :roll_eyes:
and what reason would i have to lie about a fucking game mechanic?? even after i used my logic to prove that yours doesn’t amke sense and is widely imbalanced

again, skilled liars and there’s a whole host of things i can get into that i don’t feel like (e.g. people who are misguided and don’t know the truth)

so basically what you’re doing right now, huh? and again, what reason would i have to lie about a fucking GAME MECHANIC?? not to mention(AGAIN) that your reasoning is flawed and imbalanced, which you refuse to state. if you didn’t think i was dong it then why not give me the benefit of the doubt then??? also, at least i can fucking admit that i’m wrong when the facts are presented

my point is to stop fucking arguing with me when you

  1. know that i won’t back down, and i have stated this so you have no excuse
  2. are proven wrong already and should fucking accept that
  3. stop falsely accusing me of “aggressive for being aggressive’s sake” when i just want you to stop being a little bitch who can’t handle it when he’s wrong


no you didn’t. state ONE part where you implied that i may be right

uhhh you can’t fail if you never tried :man_shrugging:

uhhh what? i reiterate that your reasoning that there could be more than 5 lover pairs would not make sense for game balance and that you never ever stated that i may be right and that you may be wrong, only that you weren’t sure of the facts
basically a lame way of saving face if(more like when tbh) proven wrong, which you are still trying to do which pisses me off since you can’t acknowledge the fact that you’re wrong and should just deal with it

that’s literally not even an excuse

how is “being on the defensive” and excuse for being wrong??? LMFAO

then what fucking was your intent then?? cause it sure seems like disrespect to me

well, thing is, that statement both implies that you’re confident and not confident. confident enough to argue about it and not even think that i may be right yet leaving a backdoor open in case you’re wrong?? yeah i don’t think so, get outta here with your bullcrap

yeah i don’t want your lame ass apology, not when i can’t give you the benefit of the doubt of it being sincere (yeah how does it feel now)
an unsincere apology shouldn’t be spoken at all, so i have no need for it
and you’ve “asserted” here was that you thought i was a fucking liar and nothing about how i was right soooo yeah this is literally a lie and i can’t trust you anymore

quote one time, just ONE FUCKING TIME that you said that I was right explicitly

nooooo all you fucking said was that

(thinking i’m a liar)

(your goal is to save some face and to get me to shut the fuck up)

(more saying that you thought i was lying)

mhm sure bud tell me how this sounds like a miscommunication i’m honestly done with your shit and i gtg eat soon

uhhh, you were literally saying how you thought i was lying and that’s still related to the whole tos bullshit? sure, this might be a misunderstanding, but you really weren’t specific enough and anyone who read would likely think that we’re still talking about the same thing since that would literally make the most sense in this context??

also trying to switch the topic to me being aggressive is such a scumbag move, first off, i’ve already stated why i despise your attitude and you’re a disrespectful [REDACTED].
second off, i think you need to fucking just admit that you were wrong and that you’re being a bitch

oh yeah this is exactly what i mean when i say that you won’t admit defeat because you’re embarassed or some shit like YOU’RE PROVEN WRONG JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP
and me “being aggressive” isn’t an excuse like are you [REDACTED] how the fuck does that make you right?? so apparently me being aggressive means that facts become lies and lies become facts? great well in that case i’m santa claus and you’ve been naughty so you’re getting a DRDO shoving upped your ass

and if you’re trying to argue that i’m being too aggressive for you, i’ll counter with

  1. this is the fucking internet don’t expect people to coddle you and shelter you go to your mom for that shit
  2. what kind of rational person argues about this
  3. are you an idiot? stop trying to switch the subject


With the new killer perks, it soon will be.


i can’t believe you’re actually trying to argue about how i’m “too aggressive” for you

just fuck off if you don’t like me is it really that fucking hard holy fucking shit





@MaximusPrime @Simon reeee


yes, kudos to him for being the person with the least amount of brains here,


are you claiming that you didn’t?

be pissed off why would i care

implying it still counts m8, i’m not retarded. just cause it’s implied doesn’t mean that it’s not there

this just proves my point

nowhere in your post do you actually explicitly say that but you imply that you think i’m a fucking idiot


why are you fighting? Lovers limit?


Me: max 4 lover pairs
Simon: no ur wrong
Me: proves it with facts and logic
Simon: no ur wrong still
Me: STFU idiot
Simon: ur too aggressive wahhh

HMMMM yeah idc i’ll mock you all i want simon



I haven’t been caught up with the game so idk


if you want this to stop then just tell simon to stop

i’ve already said that i won’t back down so long as simon continues to type


image image


No lovers


this is literally the only “argument” you have now and it’s fucking pathetic

i almost pity you. almost.


mainly cause simon is a bitch who thinks he can get away with claiming that facts are lies and that he can disrespect me in the process

also that he won’t stop and i won’t stop so


i am gonna shut up, you two should do the same


hate to break it to ya, but no one cares

sorry if you were looking for attention

(yes, i did just give you attention, but probably not the type you were looking for, yeah?)


i do not care

sorry boss

i’ll only continue of he does

and it looks like he is


you guys should do Debating. You’ll learn that you have to use cleverly disguised put downs, instead of taking turns to shout.