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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


and when i feel like people are being aggressive with me i go on the defensive.

dont compare that to what i was saying.
a good 60-70% of the time, in my experience, when people say they are 100% sure its just exaggeration.
thats barely even a probability.

and i feel like i was giving you the benefit of the doubt. i was being defensive, not aggressive (since you were being aggressive to me and i really dont respond to aggressiveness with more aggressiveness)




my goal here is to get us to come to a better resolution.

currently i think my standpoint is the better resolution, but if i was to come to agree with you and reach that resolution, that isnt a bad ending. it doesnt matter to me which persons point we reach, i just want us to reach one



prove it you’re just spouting nonsense now

if a doctor told you that they were certain that you’d get cancer would you believe them

according to your logic you’d say no because they’re probably exaggerating, right?

and if you try to use the “oh but they’re a professional, it’s their job” argument then i’ll counter with that they’re also human and probably aren’t fucking liars that would over exaggerate everything

like the type of people to do that are either the extremely gossipy types or pathological liars and you clearly don’t know me AT ALL if you think i fall under either of these categories

so by my “statistics” you have a 60-70% chance of being a fucking idiot that needs to know when to stop when you’re wrong

and you didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt cause you kept arguing that you were right

you never once said that “yeah you might be right” or said anything that would imply anything of the sort

all you claimed was that you were not sure, which i see as an attempt to disrespect me while trying to save face if you’re wrong

and i can’t respect people who can’t admit that they’re wrong WHEN PROVEN WRONG BY FACTS AND LOGIC

oh geez i sound like ben shapiro now


you guys are still arguing damn


yeah, most of us all going to die someday

can’t give the benefit of the doubt cause 100% is clearly an exaggeration


pros never die




“it doesn’t matter if we pick the OBVIOUSLY wrong choice cause facts are lies made by the government” ok sherlock



lame attempt to try and save some face you gonna stop or do i need to keep pounding the facts into your thick skull


let it be known that i do not fucking back down from disrespect and clearly wrong logic ok thanks

also wew simon’s been typing for a loooong time


no because theres a different tone from a doctor saying their certain your getting caner than somone on the internet (not that i think your malevolent, just that i cant see your facial expression for more precise insight as to your meaning) saying they are 100% sure about this game mechanic.

again it depends on what their saying and what words their using to say it for how likely it is their exaggerating.

i dont think you are. its a natural human trait to want to exaggerate your good parts and mitigate your bad parts (parts here is the all-encompassing term for traits, feats, failures, etc). lying is and always has been a part of human psyche. small lies for the most part, yes, but lies nonetheless

purely more being aggressive, with not substance whatsoever. im trying to be clear worded here but again this just puts me on the defensive which makes it difficult to approach one conclusion for the two of us.
Point being, please stop being aggressive for being aggressive’s sake

i tried to. i may have failed but if you had ever like backpeddled at all on the asserting that me and my ideas could never be right on any planet and im a complete imbecile for thinking so it would have been easier to do that

because i was constantly on the defensive.

im sorry you took that as disrespectful, that was not my intent. thats simply me communicating as to how confident i am in my answer. nothing more was meant.

look at my last like 5 or so posts. every one after the second discord screenshot. look at how many times ive asserted or implied that what i was saying earlier is still true. if you can quote even one that isnt just a complete miscommunication in what i was meaning ill concede to you this point. im almost entirely sure about this.

thats not what i was referring to. ive all but stopped referring to ToS by this point. im talking about this, separate argument as to how we were arguing/acting in the previous one. i meant that whether we come to the conclusion you were being way too overly aggressive, or that i was in the wrong by not giving you a chance to (or whatever your point is i dont think ive really heard you say that yet)

i havent formally admitted defeat quite yet because to the very moment your still being so fucking aggressive and i absolutely refuse to do that to someone being as aggressive as you are, as it supports the idea that being that aggressive when your not trying to intimidate them (you have no means to harm me, so its not intimidating at all, just annoying) is something good and i fundamentally disagree with as an idea.


more fucking aggressivity with no substance


kudos, Simon.


i am trying to be calm. but you seem to think i intentionally disrespected you in some way, and its really pissing me off at this point.


@Simon @MaximusPrime i don’t know what the heck you guy are arguing about but remember that this is internet, there is no way to convince someone else to have the same thought as you just by simple insult each other until one of them piss off and surrender, let’s me be honest i didn’t even bother to read all of you guy message but all you guy need to know is THERE IS NOTHING TO BE GAIN FROM THIS CONVERSATION YOU GUY ARE HAVING RIGHT NOW


Calm Spirit, guys.


basically this


That perk isn’t very good


help me stop them