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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


yooo, this is a pretty cool idea
hope the game runs well!


if you aren’t 100% sure then please, for the love of god, don’t fucking say that when the logic doesn’t line up


like if you just replied with a “nah im really sure its only 4 pairs”
i prolly would have said something like
“alright, let me go check real quick”


i never once said i was 100% sure.
quote me on it.


except that i said that i’m 100% sure because it’s in the game and because i know i’m 100% right

why would i doubt my statements when i know them to be fact?


well, the evils might be lovers together and all. Also town could win together.


as i said earlier i tend to doubt people who say their 100% percent sure.
because its usually just them exaggerating their argument, which comes off as aggressive


Don’t have lovers in turbo

That’s likely to end the game extremely early


which then puts me on the defensive


you said that you were very confident and argued like you were right and i was wrong

just because you implied something doesn’t mean you didn’t say it

you also became bolder when magnus also thought that i was wrong and semi-agreed with you

furthering the fact that you believed that i was wrong


quote me saying that.
ill explain how i wasnt


also again the focus was never, not once that you were wrong.


I’d run this by Solic/Eevee and/or copy the ToS forum version of the game and actually try to host it

That’d be cool




Open role list @Magnus?


ToS is townsided


or maybe

just maybe

it’s a fucking fact


i’m 100% sure 1+1=2

also, if you even know me at all, i wouldn’t say that if i wasn’t sure

you refusing to give the benefit of the doubt is exactly the type of behavior i abhor

wow that word makes me sound old


Make cycles 10/2


yeah maybe.
but not most of the time


rap battle?