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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


Of course, Prince is a Blue Dragon role :^). So you would totally be right in not being sure


whatever. point is im never 100% sure and i tend not to believe people when they say they are, because most of the time they arent 100% sure they just say that to exaggerate their point


thank you for confirming me

but i will also wait for a mod to tell me since simon disrespected me first and i need to fucking send him to oblivion



then why fucking argue about it when the logic doesn’t even line up


Uhh, don’t think that happened


the point is you’re wrong and you should not fucking fight me cause i won’t fucking back down


i hold long grudges







get fucking owned boi


i also never said im 100% sure what your saying isnt true.
im saying what i think is true.

im not trying to get you to back down. the point of discourse is to hold a conversation such that both people come to the truth, or at least a better/more accurate stand point. be that you or me


Is true


simon don’t fight a fight you’ve already lost

also your logic clearly didn’t even line up if 10/15 people were lover pairs they’d lynch the 5 non lovers cause it’s fastest and the non lovers would never fucking win

and why would i even say “4 max lover pairs” if i wasn’t sure that you were wrong and because the logic didn’t fucking line up ughh

you keep denying the facts until you get proven you’re wrong and that’s pretty fucking stupid cause you remind me of an anti-vaxxer ngl


i was never fully sure either way.
the only reason why im acting kinda defensively here is that your like attacking me almost with how wrong i am. i was saying what i thought was true, because i thought it was true. NOT, because i though you were wrong.

this is exactly what im talking about


Max is dominant


you being wrong is not and never has been my focus.
not even for a single moment


This can so easily be taken out of context

That’s a good thing


It’s supposed to be like that


We good



this is exactly how misinformation spreads smh

also not to mention like half of the world’s population is like this (arguing about wrong facts because they couldn’t be bothered to do a simple fact check)

cough anti-vaxxers cough


i wasnt.
i said i was fairly sure, because thats how i remembered it.
not a single other shred of evidence.