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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


If you feel like my responses are too aggressive, then you should just leave. I have told you this NUMEROUS times, yet you ignored me, so you cannot blame me when you instigated it and continued it, because it meant that you wanted it(stop blaming me for your life choices). Additionally, aggressive responses are in no way, shape, or form illogical or against whatever fucking rules. I also cannot see how my foul language makes it harder for you to answer points when I state them pretty clearly in my opinion, and also put them in bullet points for you to answer. If you refuse to answer them, then I have no clue what you are talking about or trying to argue about so that is not entirely my fault, so I ask you one last time, what the fuck do you want and what point are you trying to drive across.


ok simon, ur turn

i’m gonna go eat dinner now(it’s so fucking late)

i hope you can be civil and not spam all over the place, thanks

also i hope you can use logical and rational reasoning


My pfp has ascended


No. Take this to PM’s, because it’s clearly not relevant anymore and basically killing the signups here… (I just skimmed, because I don’t have time now)

Also turbo’s are free to be ran at any time (Geyde)

I will purge later if you wish @Magnus (as in 10-12 hours later)

@PoisonedSquid @eevee if you have time now.


wow it’s almost as if this was 3-4 hours ago


I wasn’t sure it was a turbo at first glance due to the size. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Solic :


is this still tos turbo or just max and simon arguing


well, if simon has any logical arguments, he can continue it in dms

and no offense to magnus but i’m really not interested in joining a 15p turbo where every has a role (and that’d be tough on the host as well)

i’d much rather just play tos on steam :///


That’s why I suggest they copy the ToS forum version of the game


i agree with you on that point, although i am unsure if they know what that is


It shouldn’t be that hard to find, but it’s up to them


15p turbo ;-;