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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


doop doop doop you fucking arrogant bitch i don’t give a fuck about you or your feelings

if you shut the fuck up with your spam and present some logical facts maybe i’ll answer your questions

i am unable to give you the benefit of the doubt anymore


you want me to answer your questions?
you know precisely what to do.
ive told you 3 times already


…do you honestly think spam will help you

is this your last line of defense now


But seriously trying to resolve these by being condescending and/or frustrated with their anger doesn’t solve the problem.

The problem is that these two won’t arrive at a consensus

They are arguing wholly different perspectives


I am willing to answer these questions of yours.
if you can do this one thing.

doop doop doop doop


i don’t even know what he’s triyng ot argue, which is why it’s listed as my first fucking question that he refuses to answer


how did i know he would post this?

oh yeah cause he just spams since he has no argument


Hence why you two won’t arrive at any agreement


so apparently you cant quote them then.
because by this point that would have just been easier


that’s literally why i’m asking him

yet he just spams the same thing over and over and over claiming that he’s the one that’s logical




@Simon what are you arguing

@MaximusPrime what are you arguing


Reply to the above post with your answer


You are fueling up argument .-.



holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

“i refuse to be specific so that way i can just out spam him lol”


i’m arguing that he’s being illogical and that i have no fucking clue what point he wants to drive across

also he’s being a condescending fuck but refuses to acknowledge it or do anything about it

for example, the “doop” spam

tell me if you thought that was helpful and not condescending in any way


I am arguing that i had not intended to disrespect him in the beginning, such that if he had opened with his anger on specifically that (and not making me wait till like 2/3s of the way through to tell me what he was referring to) and that his response to this all has been aggressive to the point of making it harder for me to answer specifically and logically and dragging this out.
more succinctly:

  • i was not intentionally disrespectful in the beginning post. i was intending to provide what i thought was a helpful correction
  • he should have told me he felt disrespected eariler on
  • his aggressive responses (in like the 1st half mainly) served to lengthen this out and make it harder for me to accurately answer to his points

and more recently:
he acted like he had asked me these questions and i had been ignoring them, but he has yet to quote the original times he asked these questions. i believe he never asked them, merely pretended to, then put the blame on me


i’ll argue your points one at a time then, so you can see my viewpoint

BUT you were disrespectful in your following posts and did not bother to correct your behavior after you even admitted that your way of typing can be seen as rude/condescending which only leads me to believe that you are doing it on purpose. Perhaps you were not doing it intentionally at first, BUT your posts followed a similar trend which makes it seem like it was intentional.


I have also told you many times to not continue yet you went ahead anyway, so it means that you wanted this, yeah?

Additionally, if I feel offended, I am in NO OBLIGATION to tell you so. Normal people don’t tend to say they feel offended in casual situations(which it was until it was escalated). Putting your intentional bad attitude on me is the epitome of arrogance and I cannot see how it is my fault at all for your shitty behavior. Yes, I did insult you afterwards, but you also admitted that you were condescending so it was not undeserved, did nothing to try and fix it, continued to spam like you did nothing wrong, refused to answer logical and reasonable points, and tried to pin the blame on me.


First rule of arguing is understanding what the other side is yelling