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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


id like to say i made an attempt to argue logically at first.
cant say either way for maxi


i am tired of this, @Solic sorry, but we need you help


Stop, please, you two.

Please, for my sake.


But importantly, The Whopper :tm: has no ego, cannot be argued with, and most importantly doesn’t taste like shit, unlike this conversation.


no, i’m just stubborn

idgaf if you insult me normally but if you’re going to continue to be rude and lie to me after being proven wrong then yeah i’m going to tell them why in a not so nice manner


please quote them im curious to know when you originally asked these.
like specifically quote them. not copy/paste. because then i can see what it was in response to to know precisely what they are referring to.
i will answer them in the next post if you can do this @MaximusPrime



just look at this delectable burger

  1. where’s your attempt. another post that you provided 0 fucking evidence to try and bring people to your side
  2. answer my fucking questions, or are you too scared to? perhaps there are no logical answers? that’s exactly why i picked them


if you opened with how i was disrespectful this would have ended much earlier, with my apology. now i dont believe you deserve it


i’d rather kill myself at this point


no literally the first half of this argument.



if you admitted that you were wrong afterwards i would’ve forgiven you for being condescending, and even after admitting that you did the wrong things you think that I don’t deserve your apology? I’ve already said that I don’t want anything unsincere anyway, not that you’ve read it or you wouldn’t have posted it lmao



answer my fucking questions already. you should have nothing to be afraid of if you have nothing to hide.


i only recently ever figured out that that first post was somehow disrespectful


doop doop


God, this is going back and forth more than games of professional tennis.
Guys, seriously. Stop.


i beg to see why i should answer your questions first when all you’ll do is try to distract me from the fact that you’ll never answer mine

you first, bitch

it’s been forever and i have no reason to trust you as you’ve lied to me so many times already


Don’t try to stop a train with one fat man.

I tried, and got ran over for it. :^)


doop doop doop


…yeah okay.