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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


no i wouldnt ecause you never intially stated you were arguing with be because i dissrespected you. that only came up later.
if you had opened with that then yes i prolly would have dropped it earlier


yes i acted condescending afterwards cause you had legitimately pissed me off.
yet at the time you had done nothing to piss me off, thus i wasnt condescending


i was arguing with you about the 4 lover pairs, but i was mad at you for being disrespectful.

that’s two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT things

never had i tried to argue to you about whether or not you were disrespectful until a few posts ago, which you admitted you were, or that at the very very least it could have been seen this way.

now, are you going to fucking answer my questions or not, cause anyone can tell that you’re avoiding them on purpose


please quote the questions im missing because i honestly dont know what your referring to


so you admit it

ah, the good ol “it’s your fault” excuse

you don’t have to piss someone off to be condescending, how old are you? i recommend googling these words before you use them


@simon here’s the definition of being condescending since you’re too stupid/lazy to google it and an example of me being condescending to you


i am the master of being condescending so try me bitch



Major condescending power activated



no its just my reasoning for why i did it. you didnt make me do it. i made me do it. you are my reasoning, but you are not at fault.

i try not to be mean.rude to people whove done nothing to me yet.


yeah, it’s still going on cause simon is just spouting whatever he can


do i need to copy/paste more?
cause your doing the thing again


oh good lord he is still ignoring my questions


I am the epitome of humanity.

I am superior to all.


and your still ignoring me


yes, please spam your nonsense more and not even contribute a single shred of evidence to your defense


The filthy matters of the mortal filth are of no importance to me.

In my weakness I decided to try to settle their pointless disputes.


im only spouting without adding evidence when you are :wink:


Like this is the shit that drives me crazy


Y’all have the ego the size of the moon



Flame war? I don’t like it.

  1. how? you don’t provide any examples, unlike me, and you just say whatever comes to mind without evidence?
  2. you are still ignoring my questions from like 10 posts back, you saying more random shit isn’t actually doing anything, you know
  3. you used the wrong your, i am really starting to doubt your literacy skills now, as you have used condescending in the wrong context like twice? how old are you
  4. are you ever going to answer my questions