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Town Of Salem Turbo (canned due to low numbers)


fun fact.
it is physically impossible for max to get it through



i really don’t think you know what condescending is… but that’s okay, just leave it to the adults, you can go back to playing with your toys, you can’t possibly understand what we’re talking about anyway.

i just proved you wrong again by being more condescending


This isn’t good.


thats what i said from my perspective

this is what i meant by that first post.
and i was saying apparently thats condescending


Fun Fact:

You can’t win an argument against Simon even when they are shown facts that proves him wrong because he uses his own logic from another dimension apparently

also he treats you like a piece of shit cause he thinks he’s so high and mighty


you don’t say

simon’s gonna die if he loses any more brain cells


can you stop spamming insults on this page, both of you? I’ll make a thread for you if you wish.


im cool with deleting all these afterwards but for now i dont even care


can you not cherry pick anymore and answer these questions, in order. I’m tired of you avoiding questions you don’t want to answer.

  1. What valid point are you trying to drive across anymore. You’ve switched around so many times now that I don’t even think you know what you’re talking about
  2. You accuse me of being “thickheaded” but where is the proof? Just so you know, Stubbon =/= Thickheaded, you might want to use google to see that I’m right (again)
  3. Why the fuck are you so condescending even when you claim not to be? If you claim that you’re just a bitch naturally (aka “just my way of talking” which is just claiming that you’re a bitch and won’t stop) then you should take extra care not to be, which you clearly aren’t.


Or, alternatively, we can just drop this.


is this or is this not condescending


if you want this to stop, then get it through simon’s thick skull

he won’t shut up about the same things after i prove him wrong


i accuse you of being overly aggressive for the sake of being aggressive which serves absolutely no purpose


That means there’s a choice that says that I don’t have to

So I’m not

this is not as condescending actually, however, your original post and your attitude afterwards is majorly annoying and you are honestly being a bitch so please just stop


Do you really think they’re likely to stop until forced to By Irl stuff.


cause to me its a helpful suggestion.

honestly id like to drop this by now, but when you are saying im wrong at talking im not just going to let you do that


thats all it ever was.
me trying to be helpful


like literally.
i never meant to be condescending from that post



you are literally contradicting yourself

if you only wanted to be helpful you would have left a long time ago anyway

also, it has not escaped my attention that you have ignored my questions YET AGAIN

if you’re gonna run away, then do it properly

if you’re gonna do things half-assed then you shouldn’t have done it at all


yet you acted condescending after it? stop cherry picking that one post and look at your future posts

you always imply that i’m an idiot whenever you can