Town of Salem 2 [Role Suggestion Thread]

Keep in mind that this game, the evil faction will be the Coven (Unless you want to suggest an entirely new evil faction.)

Also, please adhere to the following Alignments and Sub-Alignments if possible:


  • Power
  • Investigative
  • Protective
  • Killing
  • Support


  • Head
  • Power
  • Tactical
  • Support
  • Investigative
  • Deception


  • Benign
  • Evil
  • Chaos
  • Killing

You may also rework existing Roles.

U mean neut

How do ya feel about coven/mafia multiball

I think it could be cool

I’d consider it, but it still has to get through review, so it should still be balanced.

I’ve decided to split Support into Support and Investigative .

Should I add Survivor? I’ve heard people don’t like Survivor Neuts.

  • Yes
  • No

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Same question but for Jester this time.

  • Yes
  • No

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I should probably also mention that there are currently no Neutral Chaos roles due to the existing ones being unbalanced.


  • Yes
  • No

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Will there be Jailor?

Poor marshal

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Possibly, yes.

What I mean by that is, it is in the Roles in Play section, but not guaranteed to spawn.

You don’t want conversion of any sort right?

No, I don’t think people would want conversion, hence why there are no Vampires.

Town Power
Town Investigative
Town Killing
Random Town
Random Town
Random Town
Citizen x7

Coven Leader
Coven Power
Random Coven
Random Coven

Neutral Benign / Chaos (If someone suggests one.)
Neutral Evil
Neutral Killer

Citizen can roll once in Random Town and has double weight.

I’m not sure how (un)balanced this will be.

it’s semi-broken by massclaim due to the careful regulation of the exact number and type of PRs that spawn, plus having that number be the amount it is

Alright I made this class in like 5-10 minutes. Please offer suggestions thank you.

The Overseer

Coven Head

Description: A mysterious figure feared amongst the town, guiding the Coven while lurking in the Shadows.
Ability 1 (Night): Choose a player tonight. They will have their soul taken and you will learn their role. A player with a missing soul may still vote, however, all their abilities will fail. They will not be aware of this. (1 night cooldown, healable)
Ability 2 (Night): Choose a player whose soul has been taken and choose another player. You will deal an Unstoppable attack to the player without a soul and a Basic attack to the other chosen player.
Investigative Results:
Sheriff: Your target is a member of the Coven!
Investigator: Undecided
Consigliere/Witch/Coven Leader: Your target is a powerful sorceress who lurks in the shadows. They must be an Overseer!

Necro Effect: You will appear to be Not Suspicious to the Sheriff. Your soultaking ability will also be unhealable.

Oh i forget nercomonion or whatever that scalled

Better now?

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It’s called Necronomicon and it won’t be in play.