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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


cracks knuckles
Lost cause.
Don’t wanna prolong the inevitable.


/crack open cyanide molar (dat means I hammered myself) @Marcus_Doodalee
(I ded I think)


@Marcus_Doodalee @Twil1ight

Hammer (probably)


One Nerb’s flip comin to a theatre near you in 5 minutes


… “Don’t wake me I’m sleeping, and I’m dreaming about something very important.”

He opened his eyes and he saw his chamber door moving violently, about to come off its hinges. An angry mob about to burst through

“What a lousy bounty hunter!”

Open up Boba!

The door finally burst through and the regiment of the Blue Dragon and their allies came pouring through

REEEE yelled a royally familiar voice.

Alas, Nerbins had already vanished. He had chosen his own coup de grace as his death. They peered down the window and saw an all too dear insignia on his cloak.

Nerbins has hammered himself, he was…

Nerbins' flip

Bounty Hunter
Unseen Investigative

Collect Bounty (Passive) - If a player you visited last night is lynched, your next investigative check will be guaranteed to be correct. You will also no suffer any stress penalty if they were scum aligned.

Flashbang (Day) - Force a player’s day abilities to target themselves. (2 Uses)

Scout (Night) - Determine if the target is a member of the scum faction. (Infinite Uses)
Planned Takedown (Night) - Determine if the chosen player can win with the last player you checked. (3 Uses)

Stress: 0/200

The following note was found in his backpocket, it appears to have been ripped from its whole piece of parchment:

Evil version of this class is useless.

Night 4 has started! Please send in your night actions!








wait im not modkilled hey whats up guys


jailed last night




My apologies for the day, let’s see…

@Isaac_Gonzalez was dead last night. We found a deathnote next to his body:

I told you that you have to talk anime to me or else this happens! They claimed Prince.
~Weeb Prince

They were…


The Prince :crossed_swords: :shield:

Blue Dragon Killer
Unstoppable (Passive) - You cannot be occupied at night, even by means that bypass occupy immunity. You are also immune to target changing.
Royal Blood (Passive) - Votes to become king count as two for you.
Imprison (Day) - Choose a player to jail at night occupying the target (Bypasses occupy immunity) and preventing visits to them. You both will be able to send each other a single 1000 character message through the host. - Infinite uses
Execute (Night) - Kill the player you have jailed (Bypasses night immunity). If the executed is a member of the Blue Dragon, you will not be able to execute for the rest of the game. - 3 uses, available starting Night 2
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

@astand was found dead last night. We found a journal:

N1 - Ice Ward Marl
N2 - Barrier Insanity
D3 - PoF Nerbins
N3 - Barrier DatBird (must have gotten prevented)
N4 - Ice Ward Geyde

They were…


Court :eggplant: Wizard

Blue Dragon Support

Named Court Wizard, but if they use their barrier their target must use a :eggplant: in all of their posts the next day.

Pants on Fire (Day) - The target player will target themselves if they attempt to use a day ability today. - 2 uses

Magical Barrier (Night) - Protect a player from negative effects and conversion tonight. Does not prevent attacks. - Infinite uses

Ice Ward (Night) - Prevent anyone else from visiting your target. - 2 uses

Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

@PoisonedSquid was found dead last night. We found a journal:

Of all the crazy and unique classes I could get, I got Hunter… HUNTER! I was ready to go and be as memey as possible, but how can you meme with a regular Hunter?! Celeste, I blame you for having this class exist in the list. I’m gonna wolf you D3 so that I can get my revenge.
Oh yeah, I beared N1, hope someone tries to kill me to stop my complaining streak
Somehow, I became Jan Haus, so yeah, I’m not complaining anymore :3
Night 2, I guarded Blue from the dirty religious scum

They were…


Citizen :speech_balloon:

Town Social
Very “Useful” (Passive) - You can do absolutely nothing but at least you can vote.
Defeat every faction and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Day 5 has started. Majority is 6.


These flips

Are so bad


Ah yes, for I hath been the King of the Realm.
I must talkth with upmost dignity.


Weeb Prince killing Prince
I haven’t drank since


Everyone should be cool and claim cause why not?


Thy shall hopeth with upmost respect for thee
So hath thy not bleed with stings


Such absurd speech.
Luckily for thee, ye not hath gaudy speech in thee works



Of the remaining PoE, /vote Psycho


/Vote @psychoneirik
Claim you man who is psycho