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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


excuse me for dealing with personal shit.




@Margaret is now the King :crown:


@Margaret Congrats on being the new King


congrats plz no nom plz


Marg’s vote is on two players


also where tf me yandhi


oh shit marg king


Can’t be Wazza/Baz/Otb since they are dead.

Marg was targeted by CtMeaD.

PoE (manner of TR) for Papa Potato rules out:

  • Astand
  • Insanity (mostly)

Pope can have a maximum of 4 converted players atm.

Other than Nerbins, Psycho is the most scummy. They’ve been going so far under the radar.



So im now modconfirmed BD


Greetings, to all ye hath listen with ears of corn.
Thy art thou solemn King.

Embrace thee with love and compassion!
Thy propose a toast! To fut’re n’ victry!


Thee do not hath knowth thy blood of lions n’ kings beforth

Less’r, a noble scorned, once thee hath beenth.


This exists.
This is a game that can be played.




CWs should Ice Ward Squid
Marg should guard Blue


/vote Nerbins


@Margaret I don’t think we will get any more discussion out of this. imo you should hammer


Yeah, I need to go to sleep and the tension is killing me.
Hurry up please.


You can vote yourself


Oh yeah.
I can.