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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


Works for me. Should I vote or would that bring us too close to hammer?


I’d wait to vote.


Like the devil


Oh coolbeans

Do we trust the unwinnable Scorned claim?

Margaret’s very tricksy when it comes to these sorts of setups, people don’t give her enough credit for how smart she actually is.


I want a townbloc with exclusively people rhyming.


They said they were modfirmed.


I literally cant do anything

You can legit follow me everynight, check my faction, whatever

I’m just a vote plus I want to see Pug dead so DeltaRune can die before I fall


wow rude

/vote Kai5 @Marcus_Doodalee

Their posts are essentially just popping in to meme and avoid death.


I wish I knew exactly what post i was but oh well


I think there’s also the Poet, but I’m not sure if it’s in the list we’re using


It is part of it, but nobody else is speaking in rhyme so I don’t see Gamer being that.


Like more of Gamer’s posts.

You need to like 5.


I did, didn’t I?


Marcus/Twi must not be online then


Isn’t it done at the start of the night?


And also under Poke’s duress? That’s how I read it.





Accused Voters Count
Nerbins Ragnarock / Margaret / Pug / Kai_5 / Insanity / Datbirb / Squid 7/9
Astand Margaret 1/9
Kai_5 BlueStorm 1/9

The next purge wave is coming momentarily




Overthebin has been modkilled for inactivity in-thread! He was…

OTB's flip

The Court Wizard

Blue Dragon Support
Pants on Fire (Day) - The target player will target themselves if they attempt to use a day ability today. - 2 uses
Magical Barrier (Night) - Protect a player from negative effects and conversion tonight. Does not prevent attacks. - Infinite uses
Ice Ward (Night) - Prevent anyone else from visiting your target. - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

No logs were found

Mercenary’s slot was MKed! She was…

Merc's flip

King Henry VIII :star: :crown:

Blue Dragon Special

Ruler Of England (Passive) - Your vote count as two. Immune to occupation. You have to speak in Ye Olde English or you will be modkilled.

Protestant (Passive) - You are able to use both Day abilities in the same day.

Decide Fate (Day) - Force execution or pardon on player in trial. - 1 use

Carry the Mission Even After Kingship (Day) - Choose a player. If they are a non-unique Blue Dragon/Town/Green Kraken or non-NK Neutral, convert them into either John Calvin, Jan Hus, John Wycliffe, or John Knox, or another Martin Luther based on class type. If you die, they will become next King Henry VIII. - 2 uses

Zelous Guards! (Night) - Protect player from death tonight. If they are member of Vatican, they will attack them bypassing Night Immunity. - 4 uses

The Arranged Marriage (Night) - Choose a player. If they are Blue Dragon, they will become Anna Boleyn. You can talk to them in Day / Night Chat.- 1 Use

Allies (Night) Discover if a player is a member of the Blue Dragon. Does not count as visiting. - Infinite uses

Defeat any faction and neutrals that tries to oppose you.

The following note was found in her chambers:

Maxi, Baz, OTB, Blue, Insanity, Pug, Astand, Marg, Isaac, Nerbis, Soul, Psycho, Wazza
I can GUARANTEE you at least two of them are evil. One of them is also the pope.

All votes have been reset, and you now have 12 hours to step up if you so wish.