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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


Perhaps I missed you claiming anything other than scorned, anyway I don’t see you being IC unless you are weeb prince or something.


THAT is my claim

Im Scorned but I have no targets and i was modconfirmed :woman_facepalming:


If u legit look at the flips


I know both people you clalimed were targets are dead, how is that modconfirm? Just because they flipped BD?




Can you use human language?


I use the language thats easiest


You ruined it, now claim with log,
No fog


Claimed D1. Insanity’s posts D3 confirm me as well.


We got a lier,
Catch him and go higher!


Sure, my friend.


Not how you spell liar.




That doesn’t rhyme.


Aaagh my workload has been trash

Anyone able to tl;dr me this day or am I gonna have to fish it out myself?


In hindsight I should prioritise my workload over impulse joining games with fun setup ideas

What’s the push on Nerbins?


Nerbins is lockscum, basically.
Datbird is bascially confirmed therapist
Boop got modkilled (Lucio)


They checked Hja as NS, but still pushed them. Their ISO is trash.


And GamerPoke is Bard? Or are there other rhyming couplet classes?


They are Rapper.

Like their posts.