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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


welp u right /vote nerb


/replace out

Apparently this message didn’t send before


You’ve been taken care of Jaz :^)


People to come online.


@DatBird instead of just sheeping,
could you claim instead of peeping?


Fine, but there was another question I asked you.



Do it


Ok here is my claim

As for sheeping I guess I shouldn’t do it. I just have no leads and I was just following what others thought. Guess I shouldn’t.


@Marcus_Doodalee modkill overthebin, last post 8 days ago.


We have someone to instant exe then


what do u mean?


Guess what game it is


There is no problem.


/vote astand

Ruined a perfectly good reaction test


DarBird knew that Baz was redirector/attacker, he’s more confirmed than pretty much anyone else here, this reaction test was meaningless.


And guess what

Im basically an innocent child


So which is more confirmed :thinking:


me hopefully


First time I hear that.



Ive claimed it like a hundred times