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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


He noticed that people he barriered were citizens


That’s how Squid became cit?


Erm probably Maximus? Psycho just decided to prod dodge when I started like the second or third prod rounds


also prod dodging is a modkillable lffense


Wait no

It doesn’t count towards prods


Prod dodging just means that the timer doesn’t reset and they still need to post content


What I mean is he actively lurked so he wouldn’t be scumread for suddenly posting content


Most of scum weren’t that great.

Maxi/Psycho/Bird didn’t make any plays whatsoever (Although Psycho did make the “I’m bleeding” play to bait people)

However, BLUE was a really good scum. They fooled everyone with their Weeb Prince claim


I’m active if people are active, unless I’m trying really hard as in OWFM
I’m not a lead player as quite obviously


you should try your hardest regardless of your alignment


I knew it was a fake claim because Marl wouldn’t be dumb enough not to listen a “HEY I’M WEEB PRINCE TALK ANIME” and not talk anime back.


I agree tbh.


I fell for it ;_;


Double town converters, gee gee


High skill :^) plays


Is this what they call communism cause I like it?





Marl spoke to me first




Everyone I executed didn’t speak to me about anime

Kai didn’t speak to me at all but by that point it was too late for me