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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


I figured that out later


say that to your reflexive dk


Same as normal dk


oh i thought that he couldn’t visit cause i didn’t read the part where it said “same as normal dk”


He also rampage converts, so ultra broke


Defeat every faction and neutrals that seek to do you harm.
that seek to do you harm.

BD wincon is Defeat the Unseen or Cult and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.
BD don’t seek to do Town harm.


It says defeat every faction and then defeat the neutrals who seek to do you harm


Basically this


Funfact: The Wincondition isn’t fully specified in some BD class cards


Twi gave a new wincon to BD


Actually BD should have won already they defeated cult and neutrals

It’s just Town can’t win till BD are dead


Oh nvm


town counted as an evil faction

Town wincon was changed to defeat all evils factions and neuts that want to harm you


Now let’s make a riot to clear this ambiguity, I remember explicitly checking the town of citizens card wincon when they outed (that’s why I said something about having objectives alike).
I personally wouldn’t like mechanically another scum faction. I counted every one of them and we have like eight. I like the idea of a NB faction the most.


also I’m ok with the town wincon, clever wordplay and stuff but it won’t be a surprise anymore in future games so it’s better to clean the ambiguity


We need to have a rule for GI thread that states:

You MUST specify the wincondition for the suggested class.


It already has a rule like this
I personally was working on making sure every suggestion of mine converted to every class but then I lost the hype


or else your class will be removed


like tis
or that


Why it should be? You just need to read carefully, that’s all. Besides if you weren’t sure why you didn’t ask Host?