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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


It doesn’t look like many people are interested in that one, though.


I would just like to point out your reasons for voting me were wrong.
Astand get back here boi.
I wanna rant at you.


I’m listening.


I concede that yes, I was scum. If only for that day, I was scum.
You were very lucky I was converted the night before you guys started accusing me.
Otherwise you would’ve had a mislynch.


It was luck in part, yes, but

You never gave an answer.




If only you fucking knew.


I know I didn’t give one, do you really think I could’ve avoided a lynch with that?


A member of town would still suggest something even if they were getting lynched 100%. A scum member would keep silent not to give hints about his scum buddies.


By town I mean BD of course… not “Town”.


I was at 7/9 when you told me.
As well as incredibly busy.


There was a still a ton of time before day ended. You made several fluff posts.


There is no way I would’ve gotten off the stand at 7/9 with another evil faction.


Plus, my scummates were talking about voting me to clear themselves.
I wouldn’t want to accidentally jeopardize it because that’s all I do as scum.


If you didn’t get converted, it would likely still be a mislynch, I probably agree.



Anyway another loss for the forum Glass Joe.
Whoop dee doo.
Christmas came early.



I directly outed to Merc/Gamer in Neighborhood chat on d2, alongside DatBird and Blue later.

I was extremely dissapointed with the direction of the game following d3, at which point activity ceased to exist for the most part.



Wait, so you yourself didn’t know you were anti-BD? Or you were just that bold to claim King of Citizens?


I wasn’t sure how it worked until d3. Luxy basically told me how it worked


i thought that was kind of obvious but people lynched me instead :^)

also datbird why u bus me we had 2 kpn every night


btw @geyde ur wrong, reflexive mm can still convert, reflexive is just an additional passive, it doesn’t replace everything