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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


In any case

I’d love to be able to host the next Grande Idea ngl

Seems hella fun


It would be more fun if people didn’t forget this existed, 3 BD got modkilled for inactivity…


I really liked the last one, but that was because it was my first scumgame I guess.


Sorry but not my fault, pal.


I got converted the first time because of a moderror :^)


Add more slank vigilante’s or activity protectors to idea thread if you want more activity. :wink:


Obviously not.


Someone should add several slots like that to the Grand Idea thread.


Kinda forgot Marcus was hosting this tbh, Twi did a great job of co-hosting and taking over where needed


Or just let BD learn start up conversation instead of complaining that game is inactive. :roll_eyes:

Host can do nothing if people wanted to be lazy on the other hand i wonder what’s the reason to join in first place.


You also didn’t post that much to be frank. :eyes:


It’s not really about quantity of posts though… Look at the day when there was no lynch on outed scum because people didn’t care enough to vote apparently. Hosts had to change the lynch to plurality.


Listen, leaving game to be inactive as BD is almost like conceding their win to Evils.


Quantity of posts is relevant to the activity of a game. I didn’t follow this thoroughly, so I’m sure you have a point, but if you want activity you need to put pressure on people as town. You can’t stay idle.


It’s not like I didn’t try at all to get stuff done. However, if you think I should have done more, fair enough I guess. Not sure why I personally is much responsible here though.


It’s not about who was responsible, i would say the general midset most BD who joined this game. Like if person doesn’t want to participate in most important part in Social Deduction as good guy then the question why bother to join and waste their slot.


Hey would like to thank yall for a fun first forum game. Was converted N4 to team unseen when I visited psycho and then converted again, to town N6 when my last unseen buddy died :(. But overall cant wait to play more.


Join this: Neutral Showdown - Solic, BlueStorm, Gamerpoke and Mathblade win!


Sure sounds fun


Theres also this one that not a lot of people have joined yet Cult in the Jungle Republic Four - It's Canned Yo