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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


@Margaret @RagnaroekIV

Scum faction is gone. All we need to do is determine if Rag is scum or not (will be done by neighborhood)


yeah wait for tonight and my nightchat with u geyde. but marg can also tell u that there is a night chat


Vote for no lynch imo.

We don’t have much to discuss



Since everyone is confirmed at this point and we need to make sure Rag isn’t converted.


/no lynch


/no lynch


@Twil1ight @Marcus_Doodalee

We’ve hit hammer for NO LUNCH


Day 8 has ended I guess. :neutral_face:

Night 8 has started blah blah blah you know the drill.


Alright, it’s finally over. :roll_eyes:

There is no way that Blue Dragon could win at this point so i woud like to call the results:

Town wins the match! @Marcus_Doodalee change the title, you lazybone!

That was a disaster but hey at least we finally at end of the line.


Wait, Town and Blue Dragon aren’t allies???


@Marluxion Please change status into "Complete.

Reading is fun. I never said they’re allied with each other. :slight_smile:


I assumed all those Hamlet and similar stuff are considered to be equivalent to BD.


I asked about Hamlet post-game Geyde and they said they’re allied with Blue Dragon. Also please read King Of Citizens win condition.


The Team was: @Geyde @Luxy @PoisonedSquid @Pug @DatBird @RagnaroekIV


The Communist Revolution took over and won in the end


I didn’t think BD was considered a faction that seeked Town harm. I’m not really salty, because I couldn’t do anything anyway, it’s just kinda strange I suppose.





hey Carcus Doodle Man. get over here and change title

and maybe go answer who that murderer is


Jokes on you nobody rolled Communist Revolutionary PepeHands


Town is technically a communist revolution