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Town and Soldout wins! SFOL41: [Ashe's Version] Grande Idea!


Thy knowth no true power


Well…i confirmed myself last night as Town. So my liege, who is sus as fuck?


Thy hath not thought yet, wait on thine to comth with an answer acceptable


@Marcus_Doodalee … pls allow marg to post a normal sentence in () after this gibberish for translation, i dont understand a thing.


/vote Kai



Thee needth unvote until thine hath thought


I told insanity to occupy DatBird. Datbird can’t have killed.
Maxi hardpushed Pug, clearing them
I was right on every unseen member, clearing me
Rag is confirmed?

Kai is the only one left


Yeah king can confirm me from last night.


/vote Kai


/vote kai


/vote kai





@Marcus_Doodalee ^^


Bloody Fields of Hopes and Dreams


@Kai_5 was beheaded for treason! They were…


OOC Killer

Neutral Killer
Passive 1: Filler - every instance of X in this class card refers to the number of posts in the GIM Ashe version thread that contains anything besides a class card and post number.
Passive 2: Shield - You will be immune to death, occupy, redirection and bleeding a combined total of X times

Day Ability: Stay on topic! - Target player cannot vote or use day ability’s for the rest of the day. (X uses)

Night Ability 1: Eliminate - Kill X players of your choice. Bypasses everything. Their wincon will also be changed to a survivor wincon. They cannot be revived (1 use)
Night Ability 2: Standard Kill - Kill target player (Unlimited)

Goal: Eliminate the main factions and any neutrals that stand in your way.

Night 7 has started. Pleasant dreams. :watch:


Oooh, how boring. Nobody died last night.

Day 8 has started. Majority is 3.

Remaining players: @Margaret @RagnaroekIV @DatBird @Pug @Geyde


No one died…who was occed last night?


Rag could you hardclaim?




So then everybody is confirmed.